Whizzinator: All Questions Regarding the Device Answered Here

 The Whizzinator can be regarded as a trade name for a product which resembles the male organ for urination. Although it is marketed as a product to simulate the process of urine expulsion, it is used for other purposes too. You can therefore paly games or pranks of the sexual type by use of this device. This is because the look as well as the structure of the device is exactly like that of a penis. You will even get synthetically manufactured urine and heater packs to keep the fake urine at a temperature similar to the body.

Immense fame

There are lots of products in the market which are similar to the Whizzinator. However they have not been able to achieve the same amount of fame as this device, as their design is not good enough or the imitation of the penis is not perfect.


The Whizzinator is really a strap-on device for urination. It is a complete package with a penis made of prosthetics as well as an elastic belt attached to it. The urine being used has been especially prepared in the laboratory. The urinator also comes for you in different colors.

Touch Whizzinator

One of the latest models of the device actually requires touch of the user to get started. In order to get the urine flowing down, you need to press the head of the device. You will see that there are special valves present inside which will open up once you squeeze the head.

It is advancement from the earliest models which were operated using a switch. This did not come about as something natural and hence the switch is now found at the bottom and will work like a trigger with a fail-safe mechanism. You can therefor perfectly imitate the process of urination by using the Whizzinator.