What to Look For Before Choosing an Abaya

An abaya is an over garment that is worn mostly by women of Arab culture. It is a mandatory part of clothing when a woman is going out of the house. So few points should be kept in mind before choosing one so that the person wearing it can be comfortable in it and at the same time she can be happy about her attire.

Abayas should be loose fitted

Abayas are mainly worn above the main garment. Even if a person is buying an abaya online, she should be careful about the fact that the garment should have a loose fitting. The biggest reason being, it should fit the person in addition to the basic clothing. Moreover fitted abayas can give an awkward look to the wearer.

An abaya should be simple

Traditionally, people used to wear black abaya to suit their purpose of covering. Over the years, colourful, printed, embroidered abayas have come into existence. But it is always better to keep an abaya as simple as possible. Since it has to be worn every time a woman steps out of the house, even in summer, simple abayas can be really comfortable.

Fabric selection needs to be done carefully

The abayas are garments that need to be worn all year round. With changing seasons, if the fabric being used for the abayas is chosen cautiously, it will be comfortable for the wearer. Light fabrics for the summer season and heavy fabric for the winters is ideal for abayas.

There is a fixed rate for stitching abayas

Abayas should always be stitched from professional tailors who stitch them. The rates are also fixed. Thus it is ideal to get one stitched from a known tailor. Even if the stitching is being done by a new tailor, the rate needs to be kept fixed.

If all the mentioned points are kept in mind, one can easily by the most appropriate open abaya for herself.