What Should Improve In the New NBA 2k19 Video Game?

There are many who are eager to be able to NBA 2K19 Download PC as soon as possible. And for good reason too. With each version come new features and improvements over the previous game. That should be no different for 2K19 either.

However, there are plenty of things that need to be addressed which were not in 2K18. If you are avid follower of this franchise, you will know exactly what those things are. Here is a small list of the areas that need to be revamped or reworked.

  1. VC Rebalancing

The in-game progression seemed very slow in the last outing for 2K19. It almost felt like it was leaning towards micro transactions and resorting to EA like tactics. Hopefully, that is something that will be looked at and reworked to feel more rewarding to players who actually invest time in this game.

  1. Body Types

If you have ever played My Career mode, you will know exactly how much space for improvement there is in the game. There should be so many options available to the players, which are not there currently. The most annoying one is that of the body type. No matter how much your player weighs or how tall he is, the structure of the body remains the same.

  1. Collison Detection

Lastly, another thing which needs to be taken care of properly is the collision physics in the game. The collision detection can be sketchy at times which leads to clipping and other kinds of funny glitches. This alone can make the game feel much more entertaining and smooth.


If these are some of the improvements you wanted to see as well, you may be in for some luck. To find out if they have actually implemented these features or not, visit https://games-download24.com/nba-2k19-download-pc-review/ and get a free copy of the game.