Things to Be Considered For Best Mechanical Keyboards

Are you looking for keyboards?? Thinking about which keyboard will be the best for Prey or Soma? Here are some of the hot picks in town.

But before we plunge in what can be the best keyboards first let us understand what a mechanical keyboard is?

The main feature of these keyboards is its keys. These are more expensive than the regular alphanumerical ones but provide best in class experience for gaming.

They are sturdy and durable although the actuation force varies depending on the keys built up yet the force range from 45-70gms on an average. They maybe the linear click, or linear non-click or maybe the tactile click or tactile non-click.

The linear or tactile features just add spring which prevents bottoming out of the keys. The tactile keyboards are considerably more durable then linear ones.

Things to be considered before choosing a best mechanical keyboard

best gaming keyboard

What kind of games are to be played, plays the vital role in deciding of keyboard

  • If accuracy and precision are primary objectives, then keyboards with heavier keys requiring a pressure of 60-80gms proving to be more stable.
  • If speed is the factor for a game and one can afford misclick, then medium to light key keyboards for lightning fast tapping is required. Such kind of light key keyboard involves actuation of around 30-45gms or in some cases 50gms.
  • Other than the key actuation, the built-in quality of keycaps is also essential. They can be ABS or PBT plastic keycaps.
  • Also, the specific size of keyboard is also important
  • The standard keyboard can be used for gaming, but the presence of alphanumerical keys reduces precision.
  • Some may prefer only nomad gaming keyboards while sometimes 61% keyboards having only arrow keys and function keys are also used.
  • The additions of software’s are helpful for installing and handling the specific features.
  • Wireless connectivity, luminescence or illuminating types are nowadays in high demand for gamers.

Hot picks for some of the best

The mechanical ones are expensive than ordinary consoles. And with more and more optimizing features it becomes costlier. Some of the giants producing high-quality stellar keyboards include Cherry M, Razor etc. These companies provide keyboards in a variety of range and also customization as per requirements are also available.