Sleeping Problem during Pregnancy? Solve It!

During the late stage pregnancy, the expecting mothers have difficulty in finding the comfortable position especially during Sleeping and sitting. A maternity body pillow helps you to avoid this kind of discomfort.

Maternity body pillows:

There are various maternity pillows with different uses. They are:

  • C-shaped maternity pillow gives support to the body and curls all around the body.
  • J-shaped maternity pillow reduce the pressure in joints.
  • U-shaped maternity pillow supports both sides of the body.

This pillow ensures the support to your neck and belly. Lack of support to the neck may result in neck pain and sore shoulders. By placing the pillow in between the legs reduce pressure in joints and reduce swelling.

best rated pregnancy pillow

Best rated pregnancy pillow:

Leach co single total body pillow is C-shaped and ranked first. The base of C is between the legs and top of C is used to rest the head and back into the curve of the C which helps to reduce pressure in the spine. Leach back ‘N belly contoured body pillow is U-shaped. It supports both sides of the body. It does not require any head pillow.

Paramedic total body pillow is C shaped and it mainly support to the hip.  Junior size body best maternity pillow is the best rated pregnancy pillow choice for sitting. J shaped premium contoured body pregnancy maternity pillow designed to support the pressure joints.

Organic pregnancy pillow:

Organic pregnancy pillow is less toxic and environmental friendly. It s suitable for the person who is allergic to fibre and fumes as it is made up of wheat and cotton.


Pregnancy pillow are larger in size ranges from 6 feet tall. Choose the pillow which supports your back in order to avoid displacing your position during Sleeping.