Open Logo: The Job That the Logo Font Has Discussed

The logo is an indispensible part of your company or brand. Hence the font of the open logo needs to serve its purpose properly too. The logo font most importantly needs to be legible in nature. The name of your business or company is required to be read in a clear manner. The letters should be spaced quite apart so that they do not get mixed up with each other when they get printed. The shapes should be easily distinguishable too.


The logo that you wish to use must be really flexible in nature. This means, it should look fantastic up on a billboard as well as look equally detailed when brought down on a postage stamp. With the change in sizes, the clarity of the logo must not suffer. If the font is too much stylized, then scaling the size down often makes the writing illegible.

Free logo

Highlighting the name in open logo

The name of your company or business is really important. Hence the font of the free logo must have those alphabets in good condition, which are present in your company name. For example if the name of your company has the letter ‘f’, then you need to avoid those fonts where the ‘f’s have a strange appearance.

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The logo should be able to define your brand properly. It will be told in accordance to the amount of story about the brand that you want the logo to convey. If the icon does the job for you, then you do not need to put too much stress on the font.

Once can get really creative with the font of the logo. You should therefore be choosing the font of the logo carefully. The free logos provide with considerable good fonts as well as icons in the present times and you can definitely go for them.