It’s 2017 And You Should Surely Try Your Hands on Vaping

Vaping has been a trend for quite some time now. If you have not tried it out, then you are missing out on something quite significant.

Vaping is the form of drawing on an electronic cigarette. People use these as an alternative to cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes have been around since 2003. Mostly manufactured in China, their user comes fromthe United States and the United Kingdom. In the US, teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than cigarettes, but they are also more likely to move to cigarettes.

What is an E-cigaret?

An e-cigarette is a handheld device that contains a liquid which creates an aerosol known as vapor. E-cigarettes come in different forms and sizes. Their sizes range from that of a standard cigarette to a flashlight.

These are mainly made up of a mouthpiece for inhaling, a cartridge for the e-liquid and a battery.

What is an e-liquid?

The liquid present in the e-cigarette is known as e-væske. Its main ingredients are glycerin and propylene glycol. Sometimes nicotine and flavorings are also added. Flavors are added for taste and aroma and are currently about 8000 of them as of 2014.

The aerosolforms when the temperature of the liquid reaches about 100-250 °C. The user inhales the aerosol and exhales the vapor.

Is it safe to use?

E-cigarettes are safe compared to regular cigarettes. There is insufficient data regarding the impact of the vapor on public or the environment.

They, however, may pose some health concerns for children. Nicotine from the vapor may stick to surfaces and can be exposed to infants however the amount deposited is low, and there is no substantial evidence of its impact.

Where to buy

e-cigaretter is the Meccaof electronic cigarettes. They have a large stock of e-cigarettes, e-juice/e-liquids, accessories, batteries, and flavorings.