Importance of oral care during pregnancy

Although everyone should pay attention to oral care, but it becomes even more important during pregnancy. Oral issues can worsen during pregnancy and at the same time oral issues can also create complications for pregnant women. Therefore, it’s always suggested that pregnant women should visit good dentists of their area, like dentist Mobile Al, regularly.

Few studies suggest that the pregnant women who have gum issues are likely to deliver pre-mature and under weight babies. This is a big concern and can’t be neglected. Moreover, many pregnant women also go through following oral issues.

  • Many pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. As a result of which they suffer from nausea along with acid reflux, if it’s left in the mouth, then it can erode the teeth . So, it’s advisable to use mouthwash in such a situation.
  • With the increased hormone levels during pregnancy, gums might get swelled up because of this, which can lead to pregnancy gingivitis.
  • Pregnant women also go through certain growths inside the mouth called as pregnancy tumours because of increased hormonal levels. Although these tumours are harmless and disappearafter pregnancy, yet proper care should be taken.
  • During pregnancy, women also suffer from dry mouth which can increase the risk of gums infection, tooth decay, etc. So they should drink enough water. Moreover, they can also havesugarless chewing gums to increase the production of saliva.

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Because of increased oral issues during pregnancy, pregnant woman should get regular dental check-ups in order to keep her mouth and baby healthy. Only a good dentist like Mobile bay dentalcan guide a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman go through a lot of changes during pregnancy, so she needs to pay extra attention. Moreover, pregnant women should not ignore any unusual change they observe. Once a pregnant woman delivers baby, then she should pay extra attention to oral health and should follow all the instructions of her dentist. Moreover, babies start getting teeth once they are six month old. From that time only, they should be taken to good dentist like Pediatric dentist Mobile Al.