How to refrain the cat from spilling the litter?


The cat is in the habit of spilling the litter all over the place. This is a cleaning issue and when the owners find the litter everywhere they get really annoyed. Every time one walks in it becomes irritating to find the cat litter sticking the feet. The litter even makes the odor travel to the whole house. It thus becomes important that the cat owners keep the whole house clean and makes the cat stop littering so thatthis cleaning problem does not arise.

Tips for stopping the cat

  • Use a high walled litter box: The cat genie reviews shows how the cat owners can use the high walled cat litter box. These boxes has high entry wall as well compared to the other product. This means that it becomes difficult for the cat to throw the litter outside this box. Also since it is not a closed box the cat can enter and exit easily.
  • Use a large Box:- The cat often create a hole where it can eliminate. The cat covers this space later one it is done. Small boxes make it difficult for the cat to create this hole and the cat then spills the litter out of the box. The catgenie reviews on large boxes state that these boxes make it convenient for the cat to litter inside without having to spill anything outside. Make sure the box is extra large as many pet stores sell large boxes which are just about average for most of the cats.

The cat genie reviews show that the cat owners should make all the efforts necessary to keep the cat litter in the desired place. These litter boxes should be kept outside the house to keep the odor away. The litter particles should also be large so that they do not stick to the cat paws. The steps are all simple and bring a lot of changes.