How to Choose the Best Hydroponic System for Your House?

Weather change is a constant process over the years. Hydroponic system is the best gift to garden lovers. Nowadays LED grow light review is popular among people. Being a novice hydroponics are good to start with.

Types of hydroponic system-

  • Ebb and Flow

It is a self-operated system which nourishes the plant with rich water on scheduled time. It has a proper drainage system which prevents the water to overflow. It allows the shifting of plants when required. It is easy to handle and pocket friendly. Although frequent power cuts and carelessness can lead the plants to death.

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  • Water culture-

This has no drainage system. Styrofoam rafts are used here to keep the plants floating or sometimes the roots are kept inside the water using deep water culture. Benefit of using this system is manually maintaining the nutrition level. The worst is the chance of growing diseases.

  • Aeroponic-

This system also follows the deep water culture, but here the roots are in the air. The grow media here is absent which prevents the growth of bacteria and helps the plant to grow faster. Some plants often develop their system. In such cases it has to be transplanted.

  • Nutrient film technique

It contains all the three things required for the plant to grow- water, air and proper nutrition and is one of the best hydroponic system among others. The plants are placed in their respective holes. They do not need grow media just like the Aeroponic. If the system is used properly then the outcome is outstanding.

  • Drip System-

It is one of the most popular hydroponic systems. It is pocket friendly and easy to handle. It has an excellent control over plant nutrition. The only negative aspect is that the pH level often fluctuates.

Often people use Viparspectra 600w lights for good quality but hydroponics are much affordable and best to begin with. Every system works in its own way, but what is best for you will serve the purpose.