Fussball & the Fuss around It!

Fussball is table soccer. It is played between two people, who stand across each other, and control the movement of the players who placed or erected on the rods.

The players have to kick a ball which does the rounds across, and the ball has to enter the opponent’s area and score a goal.

It is easy, it is fun, and is extremely popular in Europe and USA. It is picking up pace in Asia, however, it will take some time before the game is accepted with open arms.


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Fussball – Fun with Mental Exercise

You can either have fun, or can mentally excruciate yourself. In case of fußball, you can do both!

  • A table with players fitted within rods, have to ensure that the ball enters the opponent’s territory and scores a goal. It is a great way to exercise your nerves and your mental agility
  • You cannot rotate the rods, unless you are a toddler. You need to move the rods, so that the players move accordingly, and handle the ball accordingly. Now this is more about controlling your rapid eye movement.
  • As a player, you also learn a lot about the Big B, or the Big Brother-Football, as most of the rules are followed in this game as well.
  • It keeps you active and interested while staying indoors, which is an asset!

The Cost

An ordinary well created Fussball table will cost you anything starting from £200.

Apart from the money, you should also have ample space indoors so that you can play the game comfortably.

Not to forget the fact that you have a partner who is willing to support your desire to play the game anytime.

Fussball is simple, funny and interesting. So rub your Bundesliga affection all over yourself and get playing!