Diamonds- A crystallized and luxurious form of carbon

Diamonds are one of the most expensive stone and have a high value. Diamonds are formed out of highly organized carbon. Diamonds are highly produced in countries like Russia, Canada, Australia, Botswana and various other countries. The diamonds are mainly used in making jewellery. They are cut, polished and structured into desired shape and form. These diamond jewelleries can be worn by both men and women equally. Women can enhance their beauty by adorning these diamond jewellery while men can wear them in rings around their fingers. The crystallized diamonds are hard in nature and therefore are not prone to easy wear and tear. The hardness of the diamonds depends on three things- purity, suitability, and crystalline perfection. You can check some of the best diamond jewelleries made by Lugano Diamonds.

Market Value of Diamonds

As already stated the market value of diamonds is high and depends mainly on its cutting and structure. A diamond which is not properly cut or polished has less value in the market. But at the same time if a diamonds is properly cut and polished into a perfect gem then its value increases. The polished texture of the diamond gives a new look to the diamonds which increases the market value of those stones. If you check Lugano diamonds online, then you will see that they have a collection of such polished diamonds.

Diamond- A girl’s best friend

Diamonds are such gems which not only enhance one’s beauty but also show class and choice. Diamonds are not something that can be afforded easily. Different studies have shown that diamonds are the most preferred gemstone, especially among girls. Women spend dollars of money to buy diamonds. Buy Lugano diamonds to increase your status in the society.

Therefore, diamonds are one of the luxurious gems which cannot be afforded easily by common or lower class people.