Common sports physical injuries and how to avoid them

The main hindrance in any sports event is its athletes getting injured. Fizjoterapeuta suggests some of the sports injuries that are quite common and how they can be avoided:

  1. Sprained ankles: These are quite common in athletes and are often not treated properly. When you don’t get it treated correctly, there are chances of it again coming back. This may not seem such a serious issue but for a sports person, it can be. So before going to the field, it’s advised to get stretched out nicely so as to avoid this situation. Unless there is any cartilage damage, it can be recovered quite easily. And you won’t need a rehab.


  2. Runners’ knee: This is quite common in footballers or rowers. It can occur when muscles around the hip area is imbalanced. Or there is some minor fault in your biomechanics of the feet. It can cause severe pain. You may need physiotherapist so as to manage pain and then therapy so as to get back in form again.
  3. Lower back fractures: Sometimes in sports due to frequent extending of muscles, you can have acute pain in your lower back. Every sports event has to have a physiotherapist so as to handle any sports related injuries. Sometimes stress during an event can also lead to these injuries. In case of lower back fractures, you may need medication.
  4. Tennis elbow: This is also quite common. Sometimes lifting heavy weight in a wrong way can cause lokiec tenisisty. In such cases, fala uderzeniowa Katowice can work wonders for the pain. Giving shockwave treatment to the affected area will help you recover from your situation quickly.

These types of injuries are quite common and care has to be taken so as to avoid any serious issue.