Carry Your Hookah with the Swag like Never Before

The contraption hookah has originated from the Mughal era. It is also debated to be an outcome of the Persians. Whatever may be its origin, it continues its popularity in the present generation equally. In the archaic days, it used to be smoked with a long through a water pipe. The modern day hookah comes with its own variations. It is used to smoke flavored tobacco, sometimes cannabis as well.

shisha pen

Evolution in built and taste

A hookah is widely used by the youngsters of the present times. The previous generations had smoked the hookahs via a tubular structure where the smoked was inhaled via a pipe. Although the same structure continues to be used even today yet there are variations in design in the contemporary time. It could be availed as a shisha pen by the connoisseurs.

The flavors of the hookah has also seen its share of changes. Today, one may find a variety of flavors. The flavors include cherry, banana, mango, mixed flavors, etc. Electronic hookahs have replaced the traditional hookahs because of the need of the hour, whilst providing the same taste and high. These electronic shisha pens could be carried and smoked within minimum space.

Technology and shisha pen

In the contemporary world, which is largely driven by technology, the incumbents can find a hookah online. These could be purchased with all the flavors imagined by mankind and could be readily shipped to any part of the world. The technology has shrunk the world even more.

For people looking for a smoke that comes with flavors, going online might be the best option as it comes for all pocket sizes and even smokeless. Carrying such a pen all the time would give a different swag to the youngsters who crave for hookahs and don’t want the pockets to be burnt at the same time.