Benefits You Can Derive from Novel Hookah

There are millions of smoking fans across the world and smoking industry bring many innovations from time to time to fascinate smokers with novel features. Since it is an established fact that smoking is injurious to health because of smoke that’s inhaled in cigarette smoking, some new smoking accessories have been developed that replaced direct smoke inhalation by vapor inhalation, reducing intensity of ill-effects of inhaling smoke. Filtration of toxic vapor in itself is not a new technique used by smokers and is in practice since long when hookah’s use was started in a few countries and became very popularas a source of smoking and social activity altogether. Electronic shisha is a novel version of the traditional hookah but is distinct from the latter in many aspects.

electronic shisha

What are benefits of modern shisha?

Although shisha is a modified hookah, but it’s not like the old version and is distinct and more beneficial than its traditional predecessor. The hookah in the earlier times was used to inhale filtered smoke of tobacco or cannabis that couldn’t eliminate toxins completely from the smoke. Shisha is actually a shisha pen, a stick that is used to inhale flavored vapors such as fruit flavors in artificial form, eliminating harmful effect of nicotine present in tobacco, but still carries certain harmful effects because of chemical use in it.  This hookah pen isa stick and is portable to carry anywhere unliketraditional hookah that was a bulky product. You can get single-use throwaway version and reusable refill version of shisha. Being a battery-operated, it’s called electronic and can be used for longer.

Best shisha to buy

Shisha has many variants in assorted colors and designs. Hookah Australia are best rated among various available products that sells good in the market. If you really want to derive the benefits of this novel compared to cigarette or e-cigarette smoking, try a best shisha to enjoy for longer.