After-dinner Parlor Game of Aristocrats Became International Sport

History of Ping Pong

There was a time when people from high-class society used to play games for entertainment and to re-activate their body from the sluggishness created by consuming the meal. As a usual practice in aristocratic society in Victorian England, people used to play table tennis after dinner as a parlor game. The evolution of Table Tennis is pretty interesting. With interest created in this game, the British military officers took this game to India where they developed rough-and-ready version of the game by creating a stand-up row of books along the center of the table and two other books were used as rackets to hit a golf-ball from opposite ends. With the passage of time, the profile of this game was modified till it got the status of a recognized sport that was later recognized as an international sport and made its place in many international competitions – the Asian and European championships as well as the Olympics.

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Features of Table Tennis

Table Tennis, trademarked with the name “Ping Pong” has a characteristic of table game to play indoor using small rackets, an extremely light plastic ball, and a table to hit the ball thereupon. The strength and padding of table is the key aspect to make it a real entertaining game as whole interest of the player is focused to create an impressive bounce to make it difficult for the counterpart to counter hit. Winning of the game of table tennis is based on the bouncing skill.

Finding a best table

For real game play, you need a good table with all qualities to create a uniform bounce. Searching on can make it easy to find best table tennis table for the game. However, many other websites sell table tennis tables online. You can get reviews about the product offered by these websites before you buy a table.