A Baby Massage can be Very Satisfying

A baby massage therapy Toronto can be very relaxing for a newborn. It entails using a baby oil or a moisturizer and stroking the finger rhythmically all over the baby’s body so that it can help soothe him. Gentle strokes of the finger gliding smoothly all over the body can be quite reassuring for a baby. The massage routine can be repeated over the ankles, fingers, legs and arms of a baby and that can be quite satisfactory. Usually, baby massage is done by parents, specifically the mom but in need, it can also be requested from an expert in massaging. The oil for the purpose should be chosen such that it is perfect for the baby skin. Some features of this type of massage is also discussed here.

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  • There can be many benefits – One of the foremost benefit of a baby massage therapy is that it can make the baby more relaxed and calm. A baby getting a massage would often cry less and can be expected to be cheerful at all times. Additionally, it can also be useful in getting the baby a nice cozy sleep. Research has also proven that while massaging, a baby secretes the good hormone oxytocin, that can aid in his development in later years. Hence, there can be many benefits of a baby massage.
  • There is no specific time for massage – A baby massage therapy Toronto can be done anytime of the day. Only it should be kept in mind that the massage should be done between feeds. Some of the best times for a baby massage can be after a bath or before going to the bed at night. Usually, at these times, a baby can be expected to be more settled and calm than at any other. Going for a massage before the night sleep can be a good practice as it can help in winding up after the day’s stimulation.

There are many baby massage centers that provide quality baby massage to newborns.