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A Systematic Program That Actually Has Positive Results on Obese People

In 2018, obesity has become a growing concern in every part of the world. If statistics are to be believed about 2.1 billion people are obese. This resulted in formation of a fraud industry where dishonest business organization has tried to capitalize on the insecurity of such obese people.

 A systematic guide:

There is a book written by Brian Flatt named the 3 week diet that has made a genuine effort in helping people. In this book he guides a person how to get rid of 12-23 pounds of body weight in 21 days. In the book 3 week diet, the main focus is food.

Stages of the program:

The book guides his reader through 4 stages. The first stage involves detox period where the dieter restricts to certain food which flushes the body and helps in removing some amount of fat. The second stage involves fasting period where the dieter is made to fast for 24 hours. The third stage is fat phase which is concerned with gaining healthy fat which is needed in the human body. The final phase is the custom diet where the amount of calories consumed is monitored and this program lasts for 21 days.

Customer review, pros and cons:

The diet program’s effectiveness is evident from the positive 3 week diet reviews. There are several expert dieticians who have approved the book and its method. There are several pros of this program but like every program there are some cons in this method of weight loss program.

The diet is very restrictive and it requires tremendous self control to succeed. The book also recommends using supplements and this may discourage some people. The book also doesn’t guarantee the percentage of weight loss.

The effectiveness of the program varies from person to person. Apart from the fact that the program actually works this book comes with a money back guarantee so if a person is not satisfied with the results they can get their money back.