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Reasons that bother a man about sex

You are in total mood, but your partner has troubles with sexual dysfunction and you are keen on having some hardbe sex with him but that’s not happening because of various reasons. Come on let’s quickly check a few important things that can be bothering your man to unite with you.

  1. Improper ejaculation

A lot of men dread when it comes to ejaculation. It can either be a premature or a prolonged ejaculation and this can be a major put off to a lot of men and that can be one of the main reasons why men would keep themselves away from having sex.

  1. Low self-confidence

Men who are not confident about their body and themselves would also not be interested in having sex because they would not be comfortable in showing themselves completely nude to their partners. This can be one of the things that can be bothering your man to refrain himself from sexual activities.


  1. Dominant other

When the lady is more dominant than the man, then it becomes really impossible for a man to please her. When the man is let down in the bed, it can take a toll on their self-esteem and confidence as well. Hence, sexual problems in men  can lead to depression as well at times.

  1. Cannot express

Men who cannot express their desire to their partners would suffer from a lot of issues related to sex. It is always good to communicate with your partner and then start with the activity else, there are a lot of chances of not being satisfied with sexual activities.

  1. Fear of leaving a woman dissatisfied

The fear of leaving a woman dissatisfied can be the biggest reason that could be bothering a man because according to men making a woman satisfied on the bed is one of the main things while having sex.